How To Use Google Finance In Sheets?

Make use of the GOOGLEFINANCE feature. Open a spreadsheet in Sheets. Type =GOOGLEFINANCE in an empty cell. Add any of the following, separated by a comma, in parenthesis: In quotation marks, a ticker sign. (Optional) Put the property you wish to display in quote marks, such as price. Enter the code.

Similarly, What can you do with GOOGLEFINANCE?

You may import real-time financial and currency market data directly into Google Sheets with the GOOGLEFINANCE function. It may be used to access past securities data in addition to tracking current stock and share information.

Also, it is asked, How do I extract data from GOOGLEFINANCE?

The download and import of your stock data will only take a few minutes. Go to to access Google Finance. Select “Portfolios” from the drop-down menu. Select the portfolio you wish to export if you have more than one. Select “Download to spreadsheet” from the drop-down menu. Excel should now be open. After that, choose “File” and then “Open.”

Secondly, How do I get the current price in Google Sheets?

In Google Sheets, How Do I Get Option Prices? As you can see, the OPTIONDATA method usually returns the option’s midpoint or mark price: (bid + ask) 2. You will always obtain the most recent option pricing if you just supply one or two parameters to the algorithm, as demonstrated in this example.

Also, Can Google Sheets track stock prices?

You may not know it, but Google Sheets has a feature that enables you to monitor stocks. You only need to input the function, ticker, and characteristics to get real-time prices or historical data.

People also ask, Is Google Finance discontinued?

3:26 p.m., 3:26 p.m., 3:26 p Google Finance’s previous version has been officially retired as of March 19th, 2018. When you go to, you’ll be sent to the new version of Google Finance. Google has kept the previous version of Google Finance online at for Google Finance aficionados.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I get NAV of mutual funds in Google Sheets?

The ticker symbol issued by GoogleFinance to the MF scheme may be seen directly below the scheme’s name. For ICICI Prudential Equity & Debt Fund Growth, it’s “MUTF IN: ICIC PRU EQUI 1COFD3L.” To retrieve the NAV, utilize this ticker in the Google sheet.

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How do I get stock industry in Google Sheets?

You may also use the GoogleFinance tool to conveniently display historical stock data, enabling you to follow the performance of any company over time. Type =GoogleFinance(“symbol”, “attribute”, “start date”, “num days|end date”, “interval”) into a spreadsheet cell to see historical data.

How do I get live NSE data in Google Sheets?

Hey, you can use GOOGLEFINANCE to display data in Google Sheets, such as this: =GOOGLEFINANCE(“NSE:STAR”,”price”) to display the current price of the STAR from NSE.

How do I use Yahoo Finance in Google Sheets?

How can I connect Yahoo Finance to Google Sheets? Apipheny is a Google Sheets add-on that you may install. Obtain a key for the API. Select an endpoint for the Yahoo Finance API. Apipheny will accept the Yahoo Finance API call. In Google Sheets, make a call to the Yahoo Finance API.

How do I calculate future price in Google Sheets?

How can I receive the most up-to-date commodity prices in Google Sheets? [1] Make a stub function in a new script named [2] Make a call to the API and get a response. [3] Add caching support if desired.

How do I use Importxml in Google Sheets?

Using the IMPORTXML formula in Google Sheets, here’s an example of how to open an XML file. Copy the URL of your XML file from your browser. This file was used in this example. Select a cell in your Google Sheet and enter =IMPORTXML(Paste your link in quotation marks within the bracket:.

What’s better than Google Finance?

Alternatives And Substitutes For Google Finance Morningstar. Morningstar is a well-known stock and mutual fund portfolio tracker. Money on MSN. One of the greatest is MSN Money. Alternatives to Google Finance Portfolio Personal Capital. Yahoo Finance. Wallmine.\sMarketBeat.\sFinviz.

Can you use Google Finance in Excel?

Make use of the GOOGLEFINANCE feature. Open a spreadsheet in Sheets. Type =GOOGLEFINANCE in an empty cell. Add any of the following, separated by a comma, in parenthesis: In quotation marks, a ticker sign.

What happened to Google Finance page?

In 2015, the Google Play Store withdrew a Google Finance mobile app. In 2020, Google Finance was relaunched with features to assist people in getting started with investing.

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Is NSE API free?

Although it is a paid service, it does have some free features. It does not provide free IPO listings, but it does provide free stock listings for both the BSE and the NSE.

Is Nasdaq API free?

Nasdaq Data Link provides both free and paid data, with API access available to both. There is no cost to receive free data streams, and there is no need to pay for a membership. When downloading free data, you may use the API for free.

How good is GOOGLEFINANCE data?

Google Finance is one of the greatest locations to receive a big number of stock quotations and financial news while you research your investment possibilities before making a decision. Google Finance features a fantastic Portfolio tool in addition to a wealth of useful information on hundreds of firms.

Can Google Sheets track mutual funds?

Individual investors who want to monitor their portfolio using a cloud-based spreadsheet may use Google Sheets to get mutual fund data.

How does Google sheet track mutual fund performance?

You may do so by following the instructions below: Go to Google Finance for more information. Get the fund’s Google Finance Ticker symbol or Stock Id. For example, for SBI Magnum Taxgain Scheme Direct Growth, use MUTF IN:SBI MAGN TAX VQNUL5. To retrieve the current price of the MF, create a new Google Sheet and apply the following procedure.

Does GOOGLEFINANCE work with mutual funds?

Google Finance (‘Finance Data’) is a convenient method to search for financial security data (stocks, mutual funds, indices, and so on). It also gives currency and cryptocurrency conversion rates.

How do I create a portfolio in GOOGLEFINANCE?

Make an online portfolio. Go to for more information. Click New portfolio on the right. Give your portfolio a name. After that, click Done.

Which is better GOOGLEFINANCE or Yahoo Finance?

Yahoo Finance includes a number of complex features, such as customizable stock charts, portfolio service, and a mobile app, to name a few. Google Finance is a simple and straightforward website that provides basic stock information. However, if you are more interested in money, you will undoubtedly need more.

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Is GOOGLEFINANCE data real-time?

Finance is a real-time service from Google that shows current market data and collects business news.

How do I get nifty 50 data in Google Sheets?

IN A GOOGLE DOCS SPREEDSHEET, THESE ARE THE WAYS TO MAKE NIFTY 50 LIVE DATA: Open NSE India on the World Wide Web Traveler and go to this page. Fill in the required days in the document industries (Begin Time and also End Time) before pressing the transmit (Acquire Records) button.

Can Google Sheets pull data from Yahoo Finance?

=YAHOOFINANCE is a Google Sheets spreadsheet formula that enables you to bring Yahoo Finance data straight into it. For current or historical securities information, the =YAHOOFINANCE formula operates similarly to the =GOOGLEFINANCE formula.

Can GOOGLEFINANCE show dividends?

GOOGLEFINANCE just gives you the basics, such as the price. Unfortunately, this function does not provide dividend stock data. However, Google Sheets has another ace in its sleeve in the form of IMPORTXML. The IMPORTXML function is a built-in feature that allows you to import structured data from websites.

How do I automatically pull data from Yahoo Finance to excel?

You may utilize Excel’s Web query feature to import data from the Internet and get it into an Excel document quickly. Activate the Yahoo! Copy the financial statement’s URL. Create a new Excel spreadsheet. To import external data, go to “Data,” then “Import External Data.” Then choose “New Web Query” from the drop-down menu. In the Address box, paste the URL.

Does GOOGLEFINANCE have options data?

Google Finance Alternatives Option codes may be found at Options data is available for US exchanges but may not be accessible for exchanges throughout the globe.


The “google finance spreadsheet template” is a document that will help you create a Google Finance sheet in your Sheets. You can then use the sheet to track your investments and other financial data.

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